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What Should I Do If I’m Called by a Contact Tracer?

Last Updated: 05/20/2020

Answer the phone and speak with the contact tracer. The reason you have been called is because you may have come into contact with an individual confirmed to have COVID-19.

Contact tracers are here to help and want to let you know about the risk to you and your family and what you can do to protect them and your community.

When we call, a contact tracer will work with you to identify your "close contacts" - anyone who was within six feet of you for more than 10 minutes starting two days before you first had symptoms. If you don't have symptoms, we'll ask about your activity during the two days before your diagnosis.

We will also ask for the phone numbers of anyone you tell us about, so they can be called and cared for. Your identity is kept anonymous and your information confidential, and we will never share with your contacts who gave us their information. If you tested positive, your contacts will NOT be told that it was you.

We will encourage you to let your contacts know about your illness, and we will call your contacts to let them know they have been exposed and what steps they should take to protect themselves and their loved ones. But again, we will not tell them your name.

If you are staying at home during the isolation period, the contact tracer will discuss any needs you may have and connect you with additional support should you need it.

We want to underscore that your name or your COVID-19 status will not be released to your contacts. Your information is confidential.

Together, we can stop the spread of COVID-19 and safely restart our economy.

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