Support for College Students

The New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education (OSHE) is committed to students' overall wellbeing as well as their academic success. We understand that non-tuition costs like food, childcare, and housing can impact the well-being and success of college students. We created this webpage to connect college students with resources and programs that are available in New Jersey. Our goal is to help connect students at colleges and universities throughout the state with available resources to address their needs and help keep them on track to earning their college credential.


  • Comprehensive Resources

    Resources and organizations that assist with multiple types of public benefits including multi-service organizations offering programs and resources to students as well as veterans and international students.

  • Food

    Resources that provide free food via food pantries or similar services as well as food support programs (e.g., SNAP, WIC, TANF).

  • Housing

    Resources that provide emergency, transitional, and/or long-term housing.

  • Emergency Aid

    Resources that provide financial assistance related to an acute need.

Basic Needs Playbook

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