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Emergency Aid

Last Updated: 03/30/2022

Displaced Homemaker Program

  • DCF | Office of Support, Employment and Training (
  • For individuals who have previously been unpaid homemakers but now must enter the workforce due to separation, divorce, disability, or death of a spouse/significant other. Must be receiving public assistance but near end of eligibility and also age 40 or older.
  • Short-term educational or training grants for individuals newly joining the workforce after having been previously an unpaid homemaker. Includes short-term certificate education training among other services and supports
  • Click on the link titled "Find your nearest displaced homemaker program". On that page, navigate to your county and call the listed program provider to begin the application process.

Excluded New Jerseyans Fund

  • For New Jersey residents excluded from federal stimulus funds and unemployment assistance with less than $55,000 household income who have a demonstrated negative financial impact from COVID-19
  • Offers a one-time cash payment to households that experienced economic hardship from COVID-19 but were not eligible for federal stimulus funds or unemployment assistance. This includes undocumented and justice system-involved individuals.
  • Click on the Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents links at the bottom of the page to review that information. Then, return to the main page and click the Apply Now button to complete the application. If you need assistance with the application, you can click the Need Help Applying? link at the bottom of the page to locate organizations providing application assistance.