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Small Businesses: Information on How to Buy Discounted PPE through the PPE Access Program

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

Why should I use the PPE Access Program?

The PPE Access Program was created to take the purchasing of PPE off your "worry list." It will provide several benefits to your business relative to other options for purchasing PPE:

  1. All PPE will be sold with at least a 10% discount relative to a vendor's main retail channel.
  2. The range of available PPE (developed using guidance from the NJ Department of Health) will be limited but complete, thus simplifying your selection process.
  3. The quality and authenticity of the PPE will be assured by the vendor.
  4. User-friendly information will be provided by the State to help you determine the right types and quantities of PPE for its needs.
  5. Assuming a successful launch of the first phase, NJEDA intends to launch a second phase of the program that will include direct funding to offset out-of-pocket PPE expenses for certain eligible small businesses.

When will the program be live? How will I know when that happens?

The program is expected to launch in early September. Please check back on this website for additional information in the coming days on how to register for program updates (such as the announcement of the program's official launch).

How will I find participating vendors' websites and select where to buy?

All "Designated Vendor" websites will be linked from the main PPE Access Program website, and customers will have the option to purchase from as many of these vendors as they wish.