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Are there travel restrictions to or from New Jersey?

Last Updated: 05/12/2023

As of May 11th, 2023, the federal public health emergency for COVID-19 has ended. There are no longer COVID-19 vaccination or testing requirements to enter the United States or New Jersey.

Recommendations for Travelers

All travelers are encouraged to follow travel recommendations from the CDC. International travelers must also follow federal requirements, summarized below.

The CDC recommends delaying travel until you are up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines. Before traveling internationally, check the COVID-19 situation in your destination country and follow any requirements at your destination, including mask wearing, proof vaccination, testing, or quarantine.

Do not travel if you tested positive for COVID-19 or have been recommended to isolate.

In New Jersey, face masks are no longer required in most outdoor and indoor settings. The Department of Health recommends wearing a face mask whenever you have symptoms of COVID-19, tested positive, were recently exposed to someone with COVID-19, or live in a county with elevated or "high" COVID community levels.

Travelers leaving New Jersey should check with the travel destination and transportation carrier (i.e., airline, cruise ship, etc.) to see if there are any additional health and safety protocols or requirements. In addition, travelers should also check with their employers, schools, and other entities that may have quarantine policies for individuals returning from travel.

For more information, refer to the CDC's guidance for domestic travel, the CDC's guidance for international travel or the NJ Department of Health's travel page.