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COVID Alert NJ: Data/Privacy

Last Updated: 05/17/2023

COVID Alert NJ has been discontinued.

The COVID Alert NJ app was retired on April 28, 2023. The app will no longer receive updates or generate notifications and can safely be removed from devices on which it is installed.

Does COVID Alert NJ track a user's location?

COVID Alert NJ does not use, track, or collect any geolocation or GPS data. It works exclusively through Bluetooth proximity detection.

Is COVID Alert NJ required?

No, using the app is completely voluntary. Ultimately, the app's effectiveness depends on public collective participation. The app can help to provide exposure notifications to close contacts for situations where users may not know the identities of the individuals they are in contact with, which is only effective if everyone exposed has the app.

How does COVID Alert NJ address data and privacy concerns?

COVID Alert NJ does not turn on, use or collect any GPS location data. Alerts do not share the identities of other users to one another, the New Jersey Department of Health, or any other entity. The random codes exchanged between phones cannot be associated with a specific person, and change every 10-20 minutes to help preserve anonymity. The app also does not share the identity of positive cases with other app users or with Google or Apple.

Can I turn COVID Alert NJ off?

Yes. The app may be uninstalled or the exposure notification function deactivated at any time by turning off "Exposure Notifications" in Settings. If you delete the App, you will not be able to access the exposure notification service, symptom check-in feature, or updates from New Jersey about COVID-19.

Will this app share personal user data with New Jersey public health officials?

The app does not collect or store personal information including name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address or location in order to show exposure notifications. Users will be asked if they would like to share some basic demographic information with NJ public health officials (age, race, etc.), however, this demographic information will not be associated with a particular phone number and will not be traceable to individual users. Providing this information is voluntary and not required in order to use the app.

Will my data be sold?

No, your data will not be monetized or sold by the state of New Jersey, NearForm, Google or Apple.

Where can I access your privacy policy?

You can find COVID Alert NJ's privacy policy by following this link: