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Is there somewhere I can report violations of Executive Orders?

Last Updated: 07/02/2021

Compliance with Executive Orders is not voluntary.

You can report a possible violation of all COVID-related Executive Orders using this online form:

If you believe your employer has violated a health and/or safety law at work, you can file a complaint. If you work for a private business or nonprofit organization, you can file a complaint with the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). If you are a public employee (state or municipal worker), you can file a complaint with the NJ Department of Health (DOH) or with the NJ Department of Labor (DOL).

Note: As of June 4, businesses and non-profits are no longer required to accommodate remote work arrangements and to reduce on-site staff to the minimal number necessary. In addition, the State no longer requires face coverings or social distancing for most indoor public spaces.

Source: Executive Orders