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Can I visit someone in a hospital? What guidelines are in place to protect patients?

Last Updated: 06/17/2021

Note: Face masks remain mandatory on public transportation, and may be required in health care facilities, nursing homes, child care facilities, and prisons, based on CDC guidance. For more information, refer to Executive Order No. 242.

Individual hospitals will set visiting hours and visitation duration.

Before you visit your loved one, please check ahead to find out what specific policies the hospital has established so your visit can go as smoothly as possible.

Safety protocols for hospital visitation as required by the Department of Health include:

  • Facilities should determine the appropriate number of visitors allowed at any one time for a patient, except: if the the patient is a minor, at a minimum the pediatric patient may have both parents or guardians; and if the patient requires support due to a physical or cognitive disability at a minimum a support person should be allowed to accompany the resident, including overnight in the case of inpatient procedures
  • All visitors will be provided with and must wear appropriate PPE as recommended by the CDC.
  • If a visitor refuses to wear a mask or other PPE as indicated, they will be asked to leave the facility.
  • All visitors must undergo symptom and temperature checks upon entering the facility. If they fail the screening, they will not be allowed entry into the facility.
  • All visitors must perform hand hygiene before visiting a patient.

For a full list of visitor safety policies, refer to page 9 of Executive Directive No. 20-018.

Source: Executive Directive No. 20-018.