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What can I do if my employer is keeping the business open despite being ordered to close, or making me show up at work when my job can be done remotely?

To prevent the further spread of coronavirus, Governor Murphy has ordered all non-essential retail businesses to close and any employee who can do their job remotely should be working remotely.

You can report a possible violation of Executive Order No. 107using this online form:

Among other actions, Executive Order 107 requires:

  • non-essential retail businesses to close
  • mandates all businesses or non-profits in the State, whether closed or open to the public, must accommodate their workforce, wherever practicable, for telework or work-from-home arrangements
  • the cancellation of all gatherings of individuals, such as parties, celebrations, or other social events.

Compliance with this order is not voluntary.

If you believe an employer is violating this or other parts of the executive order, you can report this violation at

Please read this article for more information on Executive Order 107.

Posted: 3/31/20

Source: Executive Order 107