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How is New Jersey increasing access to COVID-19 testing?

The State has announced new partnerships with the private sector that have begun to increase the availability of COVID-19 testing in New Jersey. Testing for COVID-19 is now being performed in the state by both LabCorp and BioReference Laboratories, enhancing access to testing for state residents. In addition, the state's Public Health and Environmental Laboratories will soon be able to process over 1,000 tests a day and is developing specimen collection kits in order to relieve shortages of critical kit components.

Additionally, DOH is purchasing high-throughput diagnostic lab equipment which will allow the state lab to be capable of processing over 1,000 tests per day. Furthermore, in response to shortages of critical components of specimen collection kits, DOH is in the process of developing and validating its own specimen collection kits, which can be used by healthcare providers in the state to send samples to any lab that offers testing for COVID-19. In tandem, these critical steps will enable a much-needed expansion of testing that will identify more COVID-19 tests and save lives.

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Last Reviewed: 3/20/2020