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If I’m pregnant or caring for my newborn and cannot work, what benefits or resources are available to me?

Last Updated: 01/06/2022

The New Jersey Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women Infants and Children, or WIC, is a successful public health nutrition program that provides wholesome nutrition, education and community support for income-eligible women who are pregnant and post-partum, infants and children up to five years old.

New participants can apply for WIC by contacting your local WIC agency or WIC clinic office and scheduling an appointment. You can also use the WICParticipant Portal to see if you are eligible to receive WIC benefits.

Additionally, you may be eligible for a number of programs to help you and your family including: unemployment insurance, family leave insurance, or temporary disability insurance.

For more information about these programs and to see if you qualify, see the Department of Labor's resource guide for further assistance.

NOTE: If you take family leave, when you return to work you are generally entitled to return to the same position you held before leave. Your employer may not retaliate against you because you took or attempted to take leave under the NJFLA. To find out more or to file a complaint, go to or call 973-648-2700.