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How is New Jersey supporting deaf and hard of hearing individuals during COVID-19? Where can I find COVID-19 communication cards?

Last Updated: 09/22/2021

Vaccination Update

Community-based sites have been designed to meet the needs of all residents in the state. These sites meet ADA accessibility standards, and special arrangements are made for those with mobility and other challenges as needed.

Individuals may contact a vaccination site directly to speak to a representative about an accommodation in advance of their appointment.

In addition, individuals can download communications cards in English and Spanish that help with pre-screening when it comes time to get the vaccine.

Mental Health Support Line

A free emotional support helpline was created to help deaf and hard of hearing New Jerseyans feeling the strain from the public health crisis.

New Jerseyans can call the videophone helpline at 973-870-0677 for free, confidential support. Direct communication in sign language is available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday by live trained specialists.

This videophone helpline is in addition to NJ Human Services' mental health support line, which deaf and hard of hearing individuals can call at 1-877-294-4356 TTY.

Additional Resources

The Division of Deaf and Hard of Hearing has created a communications card in English and in Spanish for deaf and hard of hearing individuals who need to communicate about COVID-19.

The Division of Deaf and Hard of Hearing has also created other resources including access tips on getting treatment for COVID-19, a guide to applying for unemployment insurance in ASL, and regular ASL video updates from the Director of the New Jersey Division of Deaf and Hard of Hearing. For updated resources, visit the Division of Deaf and Hard of Hearing's COVID-19 information page