Mental Health and Wellness Resources for Young Adults

Returning to the classroom and regular activities after the disruptions of COVID-19 may cause stress and anxiety for students of any age. These feelings are normal and to be expected; everyone has tough days, but if children or adolescents are exhibiting unusual behavior for extended periods, they may be in need of additional support and care. We created this webpage to guide young people and their families to resources that promote student health and well-being, including mental health.

Information About COVID-19 for Young People

  • Are schools open? What are the safety requirements?

    Last Updated: 03/07/2022
    As of August 15th, 2022, the State is no longer requiring that unvaccinated workers in school districts and child care settings undergo routine COVID-19 testing requirements. 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR ...
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  • Should I wear a mask to stop the spread of COVID-19?

    Last Updated: 04/13/2022
    In New Jersey, face masks are no longer required in most outdoor and indoor settings. The Department of Health recommends wearing a face mask whenever you have symptoms of COVID-19, tested positive...
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  • How can I protect myself and others from COVID-19?

    Last Updated: 04/18/2022
    Our first responders and health care workers are saving lives every day -- so can you. Your family, your friends, your neighbors -- their lives are literally in your hands. Here's how you can do yo...
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  • Who is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine or booster in New Jersey? How many doses of a COVID-19 vaccine should I get?

    Last Updated: 10/17/2022
    Note: Effective October 13, everyone 5 years of age and older is recommended to get an updated COVID-19 bivalent booster dose that targets the Omicron variant, if it has been at least two months af...
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  • Are there free pop-up testing sites available in COVID-19 hotspot areas?

    Last Updated: 12/29/2021
    State and local leaders are collaborating to stand up multiple sites in several hotspot areas. Testing is free. Insurance is requested but not required. Do not eat or drink 30 minutes before testin...
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  • What types of benefits or assistance are available to me during the coronavirus outbreak?

    Last Updated: 03/02/2022
    Health Insurance: If you do not have health insurance, or lose coverage, you may be eligible for free or low-cost coverage through NJ FamilyCare, New Jersey's publicly funded health insurance progr...
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