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  • Find out if you are eligible.

    New Jersey is rolling out COVID-19 vaccines in a phased approach to all adults who live, work, or study in the State.

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    Register to get notified when you are eligible for the vaccine, and again when a vaccination appointment is available to you through the NJ Vaccine Scheduling System.

  • Book directly with vaccination locations.

    If you are eligible, you can also schedule an appointment directly with vaccine locations -- many of these locations do not take appointments through the NJ Vaccine Scheduling System.

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Common questions

  • How do COVID-19 vaccines work?

    Last Updated: 03/01/2021
    Vaccines work by triggering a person's immune system to develop protection against a disease. COVID-19 vaccines help our bodies develop immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19 without us having ...
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  • Should I get the COVID-19 vaccine if I’m pregnant? What if I have a weakened immune system or already had COVID?

    Last Updated: 03/01/2021
    Pregnant or Breastfeeding Individuals Individuals who are pregnant are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in New Jersey, but should first discuss vaccination with their medical provider before recei...
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  • How many people have gotten COVID-19 vaccines in New Jersey? How is New Jersey collecting and protecting vaccination data?

    Last Updated: 01/16/2021
    For the latest number of COVID-19 vaccines administered by county, race/ethnicity, age, and gender, refer to the vaccination overview tab on the Department of Health's COVID-19 dashboard. Vaccinati...
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  • Can my employer require me to get the COVID-19 vaccine in order to enter my workplace?

    Last Updated: 03/19/2021
    Yes. An employer can require that an employee receive the COVID-19 vaccine in order to return to the workplace, unless the employee cannot get the vaccine because of a disability, because their doc...
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  • How can I avoid vaccine scams?

    Last Updated: 04/12/2021
    The FBI has issued an alert warning of several emerging fraud schemes related to COVID-19 vaccines to illegally obtain sensitive personal information or money. Signs of potential COVID-19 vaccine s...
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  • Where, how, and when can I get vaccinated?

    Last Updated: 03/26/2021
    Check on whether you or your loved one are eligible here. If you or your loved one are eligible to receive a vaccine, there are multiple ways to get an appointment including: Register and make an ...
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  • Who is eligible for vaccination in New Jersey? Who is included in the vaccination phases?

    Last Updated: 04/05/2021
    New Jersey is rolling out COVID-19 vaccines step-by-step to serve all adults who live, work, or study in the state. Vaccination eligibility is based on availability and individual risk. As eligibil...
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  • How can I get help with vaccine registration?

    Last Updated: 03/17/2021
    If you need support with the New Jersey Vaccine Scheduling System, including changing registration information or confirming your registration, you can: Complete an online form at
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  • Is the COVID-19 vaccine free? What if I don't have insurance?

    Last Updated: 03/15/2021
    No one will have to pay for the vaccine. There are no out-of-pocket costs for the vaccine. COVID-19 vaccines will be made available to individuals regardless of insurance coverage status. Individua...
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  • What can I expect at my COVID-19 vaccine appointment?

    Last Updated: 03/25/2021
    Before Your Appointment Taking over-the-counter medicine, like ibuprofen, aspirin, antihistamines, or acetaminophen, is NOT recommended before vaccination because it is unknown how these medication...
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  • Which COVID-19 vaccine should I get? Are COVID-19 vaccines safe and effective? How were they tested and approved?

    Last Updated: 04/13/2021
    NOTE: As of Tuesday, April 13th, all vaccine appointments for Johnson & Johnson's Janssen vaccine have been paused and put on hold. This is being done out of an abundance of caution, following the ...
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  • Can I get the COVID-19 vaccine if I am undocumented?

    Last Updated: 03/08/2021
    Yes. New Jersey is rolling out COVID-19 vaccines step-by-step to all persons 16 and older who live, work, or study in the state, regardless of immigration status. Find out if you are eligible here....
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  • What happens after I get vaccinated? Do I still have to follow the State's safety rules and guidelines?

    Last Updated: 04/12/2021
    All COVID-19 vaccines currently available in New Jersey have been shown to be highly effective at preventing COVID-19, but even if you get vaccinated, you still need to follow rules and regulations...
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  • How do I get the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine?

    Last Updated: 03/01/2021
    Everyone should receive two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines in order to have maximum protection against the virus. The second dose of the vaccine must be the same brand as the first. These ...
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  • When is New Jersey getting more vaccine doses? What is the State doing to expand vaccine capacity and access?

    Last Updated: 04/14/2021
    During this difficult time, we understand everyone's urgency in wanting to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the national vaccine supply currently remains limited. New Jersey's all...
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For additional information on vaccination in New Jersey for health care professionals and other service providers, visit the NJ Department of Health's COVID-19 vaccination page.

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