Join the COVID Community Corps

The COVID Community Corps (CCC) trains trusted community members to educate and deliver COVID-19 vaccination information and navigation support to underserved communities in the State of New Jersey.

COVID Community Corps

Are you...

  • 18 years or older?
  • Comfortable reaching to members of your community virtually and/or face-to-face?
  • Excited to learn more about public health?
  • Interested in learning and sharing information about COVID-19 myths and facts?

Join the COVID Community Corps!

Register for our March COVID Vaccine and NJ Vaccine Scheduling System Training Workshop.

Why you should join the Community Corps

  • Keep family, friends, and neighbors informed and healthy in unprecedented times
  • Shape and change the response of your community towards COVID vaccination
  • Play a key role at a pivotal moment in the history of New Jersey
  • Receive and distribute official COVID-19 information from the state

Additional Vaccine Information

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