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NJ Public Employees FAQs

  • Have there been changes to how State business and legislative sessions are conducted as a result of COVID-19? Will the State fiscal year be extended?

    The current fiscal year deadline will be extended to September 30. The Senate, General Assembly, and Governor's Office will work together to enact a supplemental appropriations bill to carry govern...
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  • If I'm a New Jersey State employee, where can I find general information about leave time and staffing guidelines?

    The Civil Service Commission has published a general FAQ document that covers a range of information and guidance for New Jersey State employees. Topics covered include: Leave rules if you are fee...
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  • I’m a retired public employee. How can I assist the State with the COVID-19 emergency?

    To further strengthen the ability of New Jersey's public workforce to respond to COVID-19, Governor Murphy signed an executive order allowing retirees to return to State and local government employ...
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