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NJ Manufacturers and Small Wholesalers: Information on How to Access Funding Support and Register your Interest in Selling Products to the Designated Vendors

Last Updated: 08/12/2020

What supports are available for NJ manufacturers and small wholesalers?
$3.5 million in funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis to be used by Designated Vendors to subsidize 20% of the purchase price of PPE that has either (i) been manufactured in New Jersey or (ii) been distributed by a wholesaler with less than 25 full time equivalent employees ("FTEs") located in one of New Jersey's 715 Opportunity Zone Eligible census tracts.

When will the funding for this part of the program become available? When will it end?
The manufacturing and small wholesaler support aspects of the program will become available upon launch of each Designated Vendor's PPE Access Program e-commerce site (targeted in early September) and will end on Dec 30, 2020.

Is this funding support available to all NJ manufacturers?
Funding support will be available to all entities that manufacture or do a material amount of final assembly of PPE here in New Jersey. Repackaging goods does not qualify as manufacturing or assembly under the Program.

Is this funding support available to all NJ small wholesalers? What exactly does "small" mean?
To qualify for funding support as a small wholesaler under the PPE Access Program, a company must be located in one of New Jersey's 715 Opportunity Zone Eligible census tracts and have fewer than 25 FTEs.

How do I know if I am in one of these Opportunity Zones? How can I find out if I am?
There is a simple online tool for determining if you're located in an Opportunity Zone. You can access it here. Note that it is the business address that counts, not the owner's home address (unless you are a home-based business).

How will the funding support work? Will we have to claim reimbursement from NJEDA?
The funding support will be channeled through the PPE Access Program Designated Vendors. Manufacturers and small wholesalers will not have to apply directly to NJEDA.

How do I register for or make my products known to the PPE Access Program's Designated Vendors?
If you would like to be considered as a manufacturer or wholesaler under the Program, please check back on this website for additional information in the coming days.