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I was tested for COVID-19. How do I get my results?

If you went to a community-based or FEMA "drive-through" testing site
You will receive a call from 1-833-447-0001 (Caller ID: "Results Center") with your test results in 3-5 days. Please answer the call. The Results Center can not leave your test result on a voicemail or answering machine. If you do not answer, the Results Center will make two more attempts to call you with your results.

If you did not go to a community-based or FEMA "drive-through" testing site
The physician's office, hospital, or other facility where your test specimen was taken will receive your results from the laboratory that performs the test.
With the current high volume of tests, patients with positive tests will receive priority notification so that they can begin treatment, self-quarantine or other measures as instructed by their clinician.

Laboratories are not permitted to give results directly to a patient. They are required to give the result to the facility or physician that ordered your test.

Neither the Department of Health, the 2-1-1 call center, nor the COVID-19 questions hotline are able to inform patients of their test results.

Reviewed/Updated: 3/22/2020