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Can I get tested for COVID-19 at a commercial laboratory, such as LabCorp or Quest?

Last Updated: 11/20/2020

No, you can not get tested for COVID-19 by taking yourself to a commercial laboratory. A commercial laboratory will not perform a COVID-19 test unless they have an order from a health care provider.

Commercial labs are offering COVID-19 testing to individuals who meet certain criteria. However, these tests are not available directly to the general public. They must be ordered by a health care provider, who will order the test from the lab or provide you with a prescription to show the laboratory.

You should not go to a commercial laboratory to seek COVID-19 testing unless your health care provider orders the test and tells you to go there. Work with your health care provider to coordinate testing.

All costs and fees associated with commercial laboratories are the responsibility of the patient.

Testing For COVID-19 Infection

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