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How can I volunteer as a health care professional or join the Medical Reserve Corps? What if I’m retired, out of state, licensed in a foreign country, or just graduated with a degree in a health care-related field?

Last Updated: 07/07/2021

Medical Reserve Corps

New Jersey is calling on retired health care professionals with vaccination skills to volunteer with the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC).

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The MRC is a network of community-based, locally organized units comprised of volunteers who help ensure their communities are healthy, prepared, and resilient. MRC volunteers are pre-identified, pre-registered, trained, and exercised. In addition to promoting healthy living throughout the year, MRC volunteers are especially vital during emergencies and disasters when paid public health and emergency response assets are overwhelmed.

In New Jersey there are 24 MRC Units housed within local health departments. Each county in New Jersey has at least one Medical Reserve Corps Unit. MRC health professional volunteers include nurses, pharmacists, EMTs, doctors, counselors, social workers, and veterinarians. MRC community health volunteers provide services such as language translation/interpretation, education and outreach, hospitality, food services, reception, logistics, security, and assistance to individuals with disabilities, access and functional needs.


Retired Health Care Professionals

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Division of Consumer Affairs issued temporary emergency licenses to individuals who retired within the last five years. Since that date, the State has made great strides in the fight against COVID-19.

To support this continued progress, the Division has determined all licenses issued under the program will be extended until December 31, 2021. After this date, all reactivated retiree licenses will expire. Learn more about the program through the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

Out-Of-State Health Care Professionals

In response to COVID-19, the State of New Jersey waived certain regulatory provisions regarding licensure of health care practitioners through reciprocity. These waivers allowed health care providers licensed in other states to obtain New Jersey temporary licensure and provide services to New Jersey patients either through telemedicine, or in-person.

The Temporary Emergency Reciprocity Licenses (TERLs) program has ended and applications are no longer being accepted. All TERLs issued to healthcare professionals in Group 1 expire on June 30, 2021. All TERLs issued to health care professionals in Group 2 expire on September 30, 2021. For more information, visit the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

Foreign-Licensed Physicians

As part of the State's effort to combat COVID-19, physicians who were licensed in another country, but living in the United States, could apply for a temporary emergency license to practice medicine in New Jersey---the first program of its kind in the country.

New applications are no longer being accepted, and pending applications are currently on hold as temporary emergency licensure programs undergo review. For more information, visit the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs program page.

Recent Graduates Of Health Care Programs

The Division of Consumer Affairs has created a program to grant temporary emergency licenses to recent graduates of certain health care programs who have not yet been able to take and pass their licensing exams.

The program has been discontinued and the Division is no longer accepting new applications. To avoid a gap in licensure, those granted emergency graduate licensees must take and pass applicable examinations by September 30, 2021, and obtain your standard license by October 30, 2021

Note: The expiration date for all current temporary certifications for alcohol and drug counselor-interns has been extended to December 30, 2021. To learn more, visit the Division of Consumer Affairs' program page.