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Is there somewhere I can report violations of Executive Orders? How can I report a business staying open despite being ordered to close or an employer that won't let me work remotely?

Last Updated: 02/22/2021

Compliance with Executive Orders is not voluntary.

If your employer is not following COVID-19 workplace health and safety protections (Executive Order 192), there is a dedicated intake process maintained by the New Jersey Department of Labor. New Jersey's workplace health and safety protections are summarized here. If you are a worker (or representing one) filing a complaint against your employer, you can file workplace safety complaints here.

You can report a possible violation of all other COVID-related Executive Orders using this online form:

Violations that can be reported through the Executive Order Violation Form include, but are not limited to:

  • A business that is not practicing social distancing requirements
  • A business that is not allowing remote work of employees when remote work is possible
  • An indoor gathering of more than 10 people. Note: Certain indoor gatherings such as religious ceremonies or services, wedding ceremonies, funerals, political activities, and performances are subject to different limits. For more information about these limits, refer to this article.
  • An outdoor gathering of more than 25 people. Note: there is no limit for outdoor gatherings for wedding ceremonies, funerals, memorial services, religious activities, or political activities.

Source: Executive Orders