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Have elections moved or changed in New Jersey because of COVID-19?

Last Updated: 02/23/2021

Upcoming Elections

February fire district elections, March special school elections, and all other special elections for filling vacancies or deciding municipal questions are postponed until April 20th, 2021, where they will coincide with the regular April school board elections for those districts which still hold them.

Executive Order No. 223 clarifies the procedure for conducting school and fire district elections in municipalities where they will occur simultaneously on April 20th. For more information, see Executive Order No. 223.

Elections scheduled for April 20th, as well as municipal non-partisan elections scheduled for May 11th, will be conducted in person. As always, voters will have the ability to request a vote-by-mail ballot for any reason.

All in-person polling places will adhere to proper health and safety protocols, including face coverings, social distancing, and frequent sanitization.

To request a vote-by-mail ballot, visit the NJ Division of Elections' Vote-by-Mail information page.

Note: Your application for a vote-by-mail ballot must be received by your local County Clerk seven days prior to the election.

Petitions For Initiatives, Referendums, and Candidate Nominating Petitions

Governor Murphy has issued an Executive Order allowing both electronic and in-person collection of signatures and submission of any candidate, delegate, recall, initiative, referendum, or other petitions for the upcoming June Primary Election and elections scheduled to occur before then.

All campaigns should adhere to proper COVID-19 health and safety guidance.

For more information, visit the New Jersey Division of Elections.

Registering To Vote

The voter registration deadline is 21 days before the election.

New Jerseyans can now register to vote online.

To check your registration status, use the Division of Elections' Voter Search Tool.

For more information about voter registration, visit the Division of Elections' Voter Registration Portal.

Voting Resources For Individuals With Disabilities

Disability Rights New Jersey (DRNJ) has free voting resources available for individuals with disabilities including a voting rights guide in English and Spanish.

2020 General Election

On December 7, 2020, Secretary of State Tahesha Way certified New Jersey's general election results and Governor Phil Murphy signed the Certificate of Ascertainment.

With 4,635,000 votes cast and certified, New Jersey set a new state record for most ballots cast in an election.

The November 3rd General Election was primarily held through vote-by-mail. All active registered New Jersey voters automatically received a prepaid return-postage vote-by-mail ballot from their County Clerks.

Voters could choose to return their ballot:

  • by mail, postmarked on or before November 3 and received by your county's Board of Elections on or before November 10
  • through a secure drop box in your county by 8 pm on November 3
  • to your county's Board of Elections Office by 8 pm on November 3
  • at your polling place by 8 pm on November 3

Voters could also vote in-person at a polling location on November 3, but only by paper provisional ballot.

To track your mail-in ballot, visit the New Jersey Voter Registration System online and create an account if you don't already have one. You can also call your County Election Officials to track your mail-in ballot.

For more information, visit the New Jersey Division of Elections.

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