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Can I still get married? Are wedding venues open?

Last Updated: 04/18/2022


There is no numerical limit for indoor or outdoor gatherings including wedding receptions and ceremonies.

Dance floors at private catered events may reopen without social distancing requirements.

In addition, dance floors at bars and related businesses, such as night clubs, may reopen. Social distancing is not required, however businesses are encouraged to follow CDC safety guidelines and social distancing to save lives and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Any establishments that serve food or alcohol, including banquet halls and wedding venues, should also follow the health and safety recommendations for indoor and outdoor dining.

Safety Tips For Gatherings

To avoid putting your loved ones at risk, the CDC and the NJ Department of Health has offered safety tips for in-person gatherings.

  • Get vaccinated against the flu and COVID-19.
  • Already vaccinated? Get a COVID-19 booster.
  • Gather with those who are fully vaccinated, outdoors, or in places with good ventilation
  • Wear a mask whenever possible. People may choose to mask at any time. You SHOULD wear a mask if you have COVID-19 symptoms, a positive test, exposure to someone with COVID-19, or live in a county with elevated or "high" COVID community levels.
  • Stay home and do not host a gathering if you feel sick.
  • Get tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are a close contact.
  • Even if you aren't sick, get tested before visiting people outside of your household as an added precaution. Visit to find a testing location near you or order a free at-home testing kit.
  • Delay travel until you are up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines.
  • If traveling, visit the CDC's travel page for safety tips and guidance.
  • Make hand sanitizer available for guests.
  • Remind guests to wash their hands before serving or eating food.
  • Use single-use hand towels or paper towels for drying hands so guests do not share a towel.
  • Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces and any shared items between use when feasible.


Those seeking a marriage license should apply for one in the New Jersey municipality where either party resides. The license is valid throughout New Jersey.

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