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Can I fish? Is fishing season open?

Last Updated: 07/09/2020

Yes, but be sure to practice social distancing by staying at least six-feet away from others.

All State Parks and Forests have re-opened. Face coverings are required in outdoor spaces whenever social distancing is difficult to maintain.

All gatherings in parks must comply with the rules placed on outdoor gatherings, which limits capacity to no more than 500 people. There are no limits for First Amendment-protected outdoor activities, such as political protests of any persuasion or outdoor religious services.

State police and local police will regularly patrol parks to ensure that proper social distancing protocol is followed.

NOTE: Local jurisdictions can decide whether or not to open county and municipal parks, depending upon local circumstances, and may impose additional restrictions on gatherings.

Updates on 2020 spring trout stocking, including closures of state and county park waters, are posted here. For more details on fishing regulations and which types of fish are in season, visit:

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