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Is jury duty suspended? When will trials and other legal proceedings resume?

Last Updated: 04/30/2020

Federal Courts

By order of U.S. Chief District Judge Freda L. Wolfson, "all civil and criminal jury selections and jury trials in the District of New Jersey scheduled to begin before April 30" are postponed. That order has been extendedthrough May 31, and there shall be no scheduling of jury trials before May 31.

The situation continues to change rapidly, so for the latest updates, visit:

New Jersey State Courts

The New Jersey Supreme Court issued an orderextending the suspension of jury trials, landlord/tenant trials, and grand jury proceedings until May 31.

Please contact your jury management office if you have additional questions about your service.
Civil arbitration and matrimonial early settlement panels will resume on April 27.

Civil commitment hearings have already resumed and will continue. Municipal court sessions will resume on May 11 by video or phone where possible; with consent of the parties, municipal court sessions can resume on April 27.

Attorney disciplinary hearings and fee arbitrations in relatively straightforward matters will resume on May 11.

The filing of notices of tort claims and the depositions or appearances of doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers are also suspended through May 31.

Foreclosure motions or judgments received after March 1 will not be reviewed or recommended until further notice. The suspension of evictions of residential tenants continues.

The situation continues to change rapidly, so for the latest updates, visit the New Jersey Courts' COVID-19 update page.

Municipal Courts

As of April 27, remote proceedings in the Municipal Courts may be conducted with the consent of all parties.

Starting on May 11, Municipal Court sessions may resume, but sessions may only proceed by video or phone. Municipal Court sessions will resume to the extent possible based on facilities, technology, and other resources.

Please check with your local court house for the latest updates.