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For which reasons can I leave my home or place of residence?

On March 21, New Jersey residents were directed to stay at home until further notice to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and protect the capacity of New Jersey's health care system for the state's most vulnerable.

The order provides for certain exceptions. New Jersey residents may:

  1. Obtain goods or services from essential retail businesses
  2. Obtain takeout food or beverages from restaurants, other dining establishments, or food courts
  3. Seek medical attention, essential social services, or assistance from law enforcement or emergency services
  4. Visit family or other individuals with whom the resident has a close personal relationship, such as those for whom the individual is a caretaker or romantic partner
  5. Report to, or perform, their job
  6. Walk, run, operate a wheelchair, or engage in outdoor activities with immediate family members, caretakers, household members, or romantic partners while following best social distancing practices with other individuals, including staying six feet apart
  7. Leave the home for an education, religious, or political reason
  8. Leave because of a reasonable fear for his or her health or safety
  9. Leave at the direction of law enforcement or other government agency

When in public, individuals must practice social distancing and stay six feet apart whenever possible, excluding immediate family members, caretakers, household members, or romantic partners.

Individuals who have to travel should only use public transportation if they have no other feasible choice. Individuals who ride public transportation should abide by best social distancing practices, including making all efforts to stand or sit six feet away from other riders and frequently use sanitizing products

Gatherings of individuals, such as parties, celebrations, or other social events, are cancelled, unless otherwise authorized by Executive Order No. 107.

Updated/Reviewed: 3/22/20