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Can I still go outside for walks or exercise in parks?

Yes. Exercising near your home is encouraged for mental and physical health as long as you maintain proper social distancing practices by staying six feet away.

However, all state and county parks are closed. This difficult decision was made by Governor Murphy after it had become clear that in too many instances individuals were gathering in groups in parks. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and save lives, all residents have been directed to stay at home with limited exceptions and all gatherings of individuals have been prohibited.

Exercise is encouraged, but it must be done close to home. Walking, jogging, or riding a bike should be done in your neighborhood or your local park. DO NOT travel to a park in another town.

Local jurisdictions may be imposing tighter restrictions regarding municipal parks, depending upon local circumstances. This is one of the few cases where municipalities can establish different social distancing measures than those of the State.

Contact your local municipality or visit the appropriate website for more information.

For the latest updates on state parks and forests, visit

Posted/Updated: 4/7/20

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