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Are churches and other houses of worship still offering services?

Last Updated: 05/22/2020

Houses of worship must comply with the limits on gatherings.

Indoor gatherings must be limited to 10 people, and social distancing protocols are strongly recommended. When social distancing is not possible, individuals should wear a cloth face covering to limit the spread of COVID-19.

If health metrics continue to trend in a positive direction, the limits on indoor gatherings may be raised allowing for greater indoor religious services for the weekend of June 12. More information on proper safeguards is forthcoming.

Outdoor gatherings must be limited to 25 people and social distancing must be practiced. For instance, organized gatherings must include clear demarcations for attendees – and individuals are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings. For more on mandatory requirements for outdoor gatherings, refer to the Governor's announcement.

In all other cases, residents should stay at home as much as possible.

If you must go outside, make sure to wear a face covering and practice social distancing whenever possible.

Source: Executive Order 107; Executive Order No. 142; Executive Order No. 148