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Is it safe to the gym...on parties...out to the bars for friends’ or family members’ homes for meals or coffee shops...?

Spread of the COVID-19 virus makes visiting the gym, and all social interactions, riskier. Many facilities have already shut down or put in place safety precautions, and more and more localities are taking steps to limit social interactions.

Harvard Medical School experts recommend that everyone participate in intensive social distancing, limiting contact with people outside your household as much as possible. This protects both you and those in your communities who are at higher risk of severe medical complications from COVID-19. Basically, we need to end any nonessential activities that involve close contact with others to prevent spread of the disease.

If you need to go out to get food, staples, medications, or healthcare, wear a face covering, try to stay at least six feet away from others, avoid crowds, and wash your hands thoroughly after the trip, avoiding contact with your face and mouth throughout. To reduce risk even further, prepare your own food rather than going to a restaurant or even getting takeout.

Again, avoiding the gym would be lowest risk; but if you do go, be sure to wear a face covering and wipe down anything you are about to touch, and once more after you use the equipment. Try to keep a distance of 6 feet or more from others. And pay attention to how well ventilated your gym is - the more it is similar to an outside environment with plenty of fresh air circulating, the better.

Source: Harvard Medical School

Updated 3 December 2020